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New President of Europa Nostra

Cecilia Bartoli, world-famous opera star, appointed as new President of Europa Nostra

On 20 May 2022, the General Assembly of Europa Nostra – the European Voice of Civil Society Committed to Cultural and Natural Heritage – has unanimously appointed Cecilia Bartoli, the world-renowned opera star, as the new President of the organisation, for an initial mandate of five years. Europa Nostra is the largest and most representative heritage network in Europe, collaborating closely with the European Union, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and other international bodies.

Cecilia Bartoli in the historic centre of Rimini, Italy
Cecilia Bartoli in the historic centre of Rimini, Italy. © Emanuele Scorcelletti

Hermann Parzinger, Executive-President of Europa Nostra, who chaired today’s session of the General Assembly, conveyed the pride and joy of Europa Nostra’s membership towards the organisation’s new President. “We are so grateful for Cecilia Bartoli’s readiness to become our new President. We could not have found a better successor to our outgoing President, Plácido Domingo, to help us steer Europa Nostra to new heights. We admire her sublime voice, her artistic originality and audacity, her dedication to combining art with imaginative thinking, creativity with scientific research, tradition with innovation, her tireless work and professionalism as singer and artistic director, her passion for Europe’s priceless cultural heritage, tangible and intangible, and, of course, her warm and charismatic personality. ​​With all these qualities, Cecilia Bartoli will be a shining light providing guidance and inspiration to our action which is focused on the pursuit of a more sustainable, inclusive, beautiful and peaceful future of our Europe”.

Accepting her appointment, Cecilia Bartoli stated: “As a European citizen and someone who has dedicated most of my life to cultural heritage, I feel extremely privileged to have been appointed President of Europa Nostra, and accept this honour with greatest pride! I am also delighted to pursue the work of the previous President, Plácido Domingo. Let me stress that I fully subscribe to Europa Nostra’s claim that ‘cultural heritage is vital for our economy, our society, our culture, our environment, our well-being and for the future of Europe,’ and that we, as European citizens, ‘must take full responsibility for transmitting this heritage to future generations.’ I am looking forward to the coming years with Europa Nostra, its network and projects. It is an organisation which inspires me and enriches my work, and I am looking forward to contributing to the implementation of its objectives at the service of Europe’s invaluable heritage.

If, like myself, you were born in a magnificent historic city like Rome, you are probably more aware of the incredible significance of cultural heritage for the emergence of great architecture, literature, music or art, since you are exposed to its beauties every day, as soon as you go out into the street. Italy’s magnificent landscapes – its islands, mountains and plains, its villages and towns, its fearsome volcanoes, its rugged coastlines and shiny white beaches, its ancient vineyards, olive groves and canals, the endless shades of blue in its lakes and surrounding seas, all of this composes my invaluable heritage, to which I am dearly committed, just as much as our handicraft and folklore, or our modern achievements, such as our exquisite cooking, speedy railways, elegant fashion and legendary films. My heritage profoundly marked my thinking, my feelings and my personality, before even becoming conscious of it. Over the years, I was fortunate to add additional, mostly European, cultural layers to my original one: Spanish, French, Swiss, Austrian, and many more. They made me see the immense value of our heritage, which in Europe is so utterly diverse but at the same time so profoundly connected. Heritage is culture and recollection. Without an awareness of our heritage, culture would disappear, and with it our identity”, added Cecilia Bartoli.

Plácido Domingo, who was the previous President of Europa Nostra for a period of 10 years and who continues to support Europa Nostra as Honorary President, reacted enthusiastically to Bartoli’s appointment. “She is a great artist who personifies Europa Nostra’s mission and values. Europa Nostra will continue to flourish under her inspiring, creative and energetic leadership. I wish her every success at the helm of this wonderful organisation of which I had the privilege and joy of being the President and which will always remain close to my heart. I look forward to congratulating her in person on 6 June in Salzburg, when we shall be performing together at the Gala concert closing the Salzburg Whitsun Festival of which Cecilia Bartoli is the acclaimed Artistic Director”.

Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović, Secretary General of Europa Nostra, also paid tribute to the incoming President of Europa Nostra: “The entire Europa Nostra team and I are delighted to welcome Cecilia Bartoli as our new President. She is an iconic artistic ambassador of Europe’s cultural heritage who radiates a contagious positive energy and generously shares her art and passion with younger generations. Under her enthusiastic leadership, we shall further amplify the resonance and impact of Europa Nostra’s voice for the benefit of safeguarding and promoting Europe’s shared heritage and shared values.”

Biography of Cecilia Bartoli

Born in Rome, Cecilia is the daughter of singing teacher Silvana Bazzoni. In 1987, she gave her debut as Rossini’s Rosina in “The Barber of Seville” in her hometown. What followed was the spectacular beginning of an international career. Within a very short time, Daniel Barenboim, Herbert von Karajan and Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s interest was drawn towards the young artist. Since those days, she received many further invitations, from the Salzburg Whitsun Festival, the Metropolitan Opera of New York, London’s Royal Opera House, from concert halls and festivals all over Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia. For 30 years she has been performing regularly at Zurich’s Opera House. Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw, the Philharmonie de Paris, Vienna’s Musikverein, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and the Berlin Philharmonic Hall are some of the regular stops on her annual concert tours.

In 1988, Cecilia signed an exclusive recording contract with Decca Records. The “Vivaldi-Album”, published in 1999, as the result of a fascinating expedition through the virtually unknown scores of Vivaldi’s operas, established her reputation as the Indiana Jones of current music history. The “Vivaldi-Album” is the first in a series of elaborate concept albums, in which Cecilia sheds a new light on various topics from the baroque and belcanto periods. Other successful titles are “Opera proibita”, “Maria”, “Sacrificium”, “Mission”, “St Petersburg” and “Farinelli”. 2021 saw the release of her latest album in this series, entitled “Unreleased”. More than 12 million video and audio products sold make Cecilia Bartoli the most successful classical artist of our time.

Since 2012, Cecilia has been serving as the artistic director of the Salzburg Whitsun Festival, where her contract was recently extended until 2026. Salzburg has become the perfect creative outlet for her talent for combining artistic excellence with conceptual thinking. Moreover, it has turned into a key location for her stage work: Cecilia’s debut as Norma in 2013 was a milestone in her career. In 2019, she played the lead role in Handel’s opera Alcina in a production described by reviewers as “a godsend for musical theatre”. The programme of 2022 is dedicated to “Sevilla” with a scenic new production of Rossini’s “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”.

For many years, Cecilia has been actively involved in historically informed performances. Since 2016, she has regularly worked with Les Musiciens du Prince – Monaco. This orchestra was formed on her initiative and was granted the generous patronage of the princely family of Monaco. Since their foundation, the Musiciens du Prince and Artistic Director Cecilia Bartoli are acclaimed and joyfully welcomed by the public and the international press.

In 2018, the Cecilia Bartoli – Music Foundation created a new record label, “mentored by Bartoli” with its first release “Contrabandista”, the first solo album of Mexican tenor Javier Camarena. Amongst others, this project aims at bringing classical music to a wider audience and at collaborating with talented young musicians.

Cecilia Bartoli is director designate of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo and takes up this position in January 2023, as the first woman in the history of the opera house.

Five Grammys, more than a dozen Echos and Brit Awards, the Polar Music Prize, the Léonie-Sonning-Music Prize, the Herbert von Karajan Prize and many other honours provide evidence of Cecilia Bartoli’s important role in the history of music.

About Europa Nostra

Europa Nostra is the European voice of civil society committed to safeguarding and promoting cultural and natural heritage. It is a pan-European federation of heritage NGOs, supported by a wide network of public bodies, private companies and individuals, covering more than 40 countries. Founded in 1963, it is today recognised as the largest and the most representative heritage network in Europe.

Europa Nostra campaigns to save Europe’s endangered monuments, sites and landscapes, in particular through the 7 Most Endangered Programme. It celebrates excellence through the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary. Europa Nostra actively contributes to the definition and implementation of European strategies and policies related to heritage, through a participatory dialogue with European Institutions and the coordination of the European Heritage Alliance. Europa Nostra is among the official partners of the New European Bauhaus initiative developed by the European Commission, and has recently been elected as the Regional Co-Chair of the Climate Heritage Network for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Discover our Milestones

Europa Nostra Council statements on Ukraine

Europa Nostra Council adopts statements on the alarming situation in Ukraine and on the outcomes

of the Conference on the Future of Europe

On 9 and 10 May 2022, the Europa Nostra Council met in Kraków, Poland, for its first physical meeting ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting took place at a most symbolic time and place with fruitful discussions on various aspects of Europa Nostra’s work, ranging from European policy advocacy to saving endangered heritage and the European Year of Youth.

As concrete outcomes of the two-day discussions, the Europa Nostra Council issued two important and timely statements: one condemning the ongoing deliberate destruction of cultural heritage in Ukraine and another one reacting on the proposals formulated by the Conference on the Future of Europe. We encourage you to read these statements and disseminate them through your networks and communication channels.

Europa Nostra strongly condemns ongoing deliberate destruction of cultural heritage in Ukraine

After a thorough discussion with the participation of our Ukrainian member, Natalia Moussienko, the Europa Nostra Council adopted a statement reiterating its full support and solidarity towards Ukrainian people who are facing immense suffering and hardship as the Russian invasion of their country continues. The Council deplores and condemns the ongoing deliberate destruction of cultural property of national, European and universal significance in Ukraine, and recalls that, according to international law, these acts constitute a war crime.


Conservation Shipments to Ukraine

Blue Shield International: Contribute Information about Conservation Shipments to Ukraine

Dear Members of Europa Nostra,

Many of your organisations may already be involved in sending materials to help heritage professionals working in museums, heritage sites and other cultural institutions in Ukraine.  

Many of our Ukrainian colleagues have expressed that they are finding it difficult to keep track of shipments and that some items are duplicated, whilst other requests are not being answered. We also know that when people want to send shipments, it is extremely difficult to know who is working on sending what and that coordinating these activities is a challenge.

Blue Shield International has launched a simple spreadsheet to track shipments via a form you complete. It takes approximately 10 minutes and you can add as much or as little information as you want. If you prefer, you can also send the information to Blue Shield via email.

The data is intended to

1) Get an overview of which requests have been/are being answered and by who

2) What conservation materials are being sent

3) Where they are going

4) By which routes (to provide assistance to those intending to send materials)

You can access the form here:

You can use this form to register:

  • What you are intending to ship or what you are arranging shipping for
  • What you are shipping
  • What you have already shipped
  • You can also use it to update information on your shipments as they progress. You give each shipment a number and whenever you enter an update, you can just enter the number.

(If you have already sent shipments, please do consider completing it retrospectively).

A team of amazing volunteers will keep the data up to date for you.

If you can record which request for assistance you are completing, they will also let you know if someone else is working on it, and ask for permission to put you in touch.

If you want to know whether a request is being answered, then you can contact the team at

Once the system is working effectively, Blue Shield will also make the information available to our colleagues in Ukraine and Poland.

Please feel free to share this information with any cultural actors who are shipping materials to Ukraine.

Best regards,

Audrey Hogan

Programme Officer

EUROPA NOSTRA | +31 (0) 70 302 40 52 | | |

Donate to our crowdfunding initiative to support the defenders of Ukraine’s endangered heritage here.


Europa Nostra Kraków

Joint Press Release

The Europa Nostra Heritage Hub for Central and Eastern Europe will be based in Kraków

A branch of the Europa Nostra network – the Europa Nostra Heritage Hub – will be established in Kraków, as the first outpost of this pan-European federation, the headquarters of which are based in The Hague while its European Liaison Office is based in Brussels. On 9 May – Europe Day, the letter of intent establishing the Europa Nostra Heritage Hub in Kraków was signed by the Mayor of Kraków, Jacek Majchrowski, and prof. Hermann Parzinger, Executive President of Europa Nostra. The role of the future Heritage Hub is to develop and strengthen the activities of the federation in this part of the continent, to involve civil society organisations in the protection of Europe’s heritage, as well as to strengthen the role of Kraków as a leading European centre creating and implementing best practices in the area of heritage preservation and in the implementation of the UNESCO Convention. Full details


Montag, 23. Mai 2022


08.30 Uhr  Abfahrt mit dem Bus von Wien, Busparkplatz, Schwedenplatz 7

10.00 Uhr  Schloss Seisenegg, 3322 Viehdorf 

Das Schloss liegt im Herzen des Mostviertels bei Amstetten.  Hier besuchen wir Maximilian und Anne Mautner von Markhof, die das Schloss im Jahr 2005 gekauft, umgebaut und modernisiert haben. Wir besichtigen den Standesamtssaal und den Burghof.  Die Burganlage stammt als Doppelburg aus dem 13. Jahrhundert. Bereits 1267 wurde als Eigentümer ein Heinrich de Sisaneke in Lilienfelder Urkunden genannt.  Die Burg wurde im 16./17. Jhdt. schlossartig umgebaut, ohne den wehrhaften Burgcharakter zu verlieren.

11.30 Uhr Schloss Salaberg, 3350 Haag

Führung mit der Eigentümerin Mechthild Freifrau von Mylius.

Das Schloss war ebenfalls eine Burganlage und wurde erstmals im Jahr 1282 in Urkunden erwähnt. 1530 erwarb es der Handelsherr Nicolas Kölnpeck aus Steyr, der es zum Renaissanceschloss umbaute. Die Anlage hat drei aneinandergereihte Hofanlagen mit zwei Türmen und einen Uhrturm. Im Jahr 1614 wurde das Schloss an die Familie des Grafen Salburg, das sind direkte Vorfahren des heutigen Besitzers Christian Freiherr von Mylius, verkauft. Zu sehen sind hier der reich ausgestattete Festsaal venezianischer Prägung, die imposante Stuckspiegeldecke mit den riesige Deckengemälden sowie gediegene Marmorarbeiten. Weiters die Kapelle, im Hochschloss der Innenhof mit den prachtvollen Arkaden und der Garten mit dem barocken, außergewöhnlichen Badehaus.

13.30 Uhr  Schloss Achleiten, 3314 Strengberg, Ortsteil Limbach

Mittagessen und im Anschluss Schlossbesichtigung mit der Eigentümerin Gräfin Ledebur-Wicheln. Der Benediktinerorden richtete hier seine Herrschaft ein, deren Zentrum das Schloss war. Dieses wurde zwischen 1727 und 1734 errichtet und diente den Benediktinern bis 1803 als Sommersitz. 1894 wurde das Schloss an Jaromir von Skoda, dem Bruder des Gründers der Skodawerke, gekauft. Die Freiherrn von Weichs erbten das Schloss und es ist bis heute im gleichen Familienbesitz.

15.30 Uhr    Atelier Mag. Johannes Domenig, 3354 Wolfsbach

Der Bildhauer (1963 geboren) und Installationskünstler beschäftigt sich mit der Natur, die er in seine Arbeiten integriert. Die Mischung von Materialien, die „Natur als Ambivalenz des Daseins“ sind seine Schwerpunkte.

18.30 Uhr  Ankunft in Wien, Busparkplatz, Schwedenplatz 7

Änderungen vorbehalten

Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 40 Personen                                                           Preis € 110,00 pro Person

Das Mittagessen inkludiert Wasser und Kaffee.  Andere Getränke sind selbst zu bezahlen.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass während des Burgentages die jeweils geltenden

Covid-19-Schutzmaßnahmen einzuhalten sind.

Anmeldung: bis 16.05.2022



Support the defenders of Ukraine’s endangered heritage

Crowdfunding campaign to support the defenders of Ukraine’s endangered heritage launched by Europa Nostra and Global Heritage Fund

View Press Release

From Europa Nostra

On behalf of the Executive President and Secretary General, we kindly forward to you our crowd-funding announcement to support the defenders of Ukraine’s endangered heritage which Europa Nostra launched together with the Global Heritage Fund last Friday.

We encourage you to contribute to our campaign and warmly thank all who have already contributed. Please share this initiative also with your respective contacts and networks.

You can pay either via the donate button by credit card or by bank transfer to:

IBAN: NL63INGB0006318630


Account Holder: Europa Nostra

Reference: Ukraine

Together with the Global Heritage Fund, we have already collected almost 20.000 EUR. Help us to increase this amount showing our solidarity with the cultural defenders in Ukraine.

Thank you!

Europa Nostra

Support Ukraine’s Cultural Defenders 

EUROPA NOSTRA | | +31 (0) 70 302 40 54 | | | 

View Press Release

Tag des Denkmals 2022 – Interessentensuche

Die „Initiative.DENKmal.KULTUR“ wird beim diesjährigen Tag des Denkmals am 25. September 2022 wieder Kooperationspartner des Bundesdenkmalamtes sein. Daher dürfen wir einladen, sich an diesem Tag als Veranstalter zu präsentieren.

Der Tag des Denkmals stellt einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Vermittlung der Bedeutung unseres gemeinsamen kulturellen Erbes dar. Die Veranstaltung hat heuer die Nachhaltigkeit von Denkmalen im Fokus und soll zeigen, dass sich Denkmalschutz und Klimaschutz hervorragend ergänzen.

Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn wir Mitgliedsbetriebe gewinnen könnten, die bereit sind, ihre historischen Objekte (z. B. Schlösser, Burgen, Bürgerhäuser, Gutshöfe, Kapellen, Kleindenkmäler) am „Tag des Denkmals, 25. September 2022“ für die interessierte Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen. Dabei bietet sich an, historische Objekte und deren Beitrag zum Klimaschutz darzustellen.

Im Auftrag des Sprechers der „Initiative.DENKmal.KULTUR“, Mag. Martin Böhm, ersuchen wir höflich

so rasch wie möglich um Rückmeldung an:,

ob Sie am Tag des Denkmals teilnehmen werden. Sie erhalten hier zur Information einen Leitfaden, der Sie bei Ihrer Entscheidung und der späteren Planung Ihrer Veranstaltung unterstützen soll.

Wenn Sie sich dazu entscheiden, als Programmpartner bei der Veranstaltung dabei zu sein, bitten wir, dass Sie in Ihrer Rückmeldung folgende Informationen senden:

  • Bezeichnung Ihres Denkmals
  • Adresse mit Straße, PLZ und Ort
  • Name, E-Mail-Adresse und Telefonnummer der Ansprechperson bzw. einer verantwortlichen Person

Die „Initiative.DENKmal.KULTUR“ wird Ihre Rückmeldung registrieren und diese Informationen an das Bundesdenkmalamt weiterleiten.

Sie erhalten dann Zugangsdaten zu der entsprechenden Online-Datenbank, damit Sie alle Informationen zu Ihrem Denkmal eintragen können. Bei technischen, organisatorischen oder inhaltlichen Fragen zur Datenbank steht Georg Kloibhofer, KGP-Events,, +43 699 1770 1890 zur Verfügung.

Bitte besuchen Sie zudem die Social Media-Kanäle auf Facebook und Instagram und abonnieren Sie den Newsletter, damit Sie über aktuelle Entwicklungen informiert sind. Auf der Website finden Sie ab Mai das österreichweite Programm sowie Werbemittel und Presseinformationen, die Sie zur Bewerbung Ihrer Veranstaltung verwenden können.

Der Tag des Denkmals konnte 2021 trotz COVID19-Pandemie erfolgreich durchgeführt werden und wir freuen uns auch dieses Jahr wieder auf zahlreiche Teilnehmer. Wir gehen zuversichtlich in die Planung zum Tag des Denkmals 2022, möchten aber darauf hinweisen, dass es aufgrund von COVID19 zu Änderungen kommen kann.


Die Initiative.DENKmal.KULTUR ist ein Zusammenschluss jener Organisationen, die das gemeinsame Ziel haben, das österreichische kulturelle Erbe auch für die nachfolgenden Generationen zu erhalten. Ihr gehören die Land&Forst Betriebe (Österreich und Niederösterreich, Klösterreich, der Verein Historische Gebäude Österreich (ehem. Österreichischer Burgenverein), die Österreichische Gesellschaft der Denkmalfreunde, Österreichische Gesellschaft für historische Gärten, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H., Burghauptmannschaft, Österreichische Bundesforste, Gesellschaft für Landeskunde und Denkmalpflege OÖ sowie der Zentralverband Haus und Eigentum an. Ihr Ziel ist die Verbesserung der Rahmenbedingungen, die mit historischen Bauten und deren touristischer Nutzung im Zusammenhang stehen (z.B. steuer-/abgaben- und baurechtliche, denkmalschützerische und touristische Belange)

7 Most Endangered Heritage Sites

INVITATION | 29 March | Live Announcement of the 2022 List of 7 Most Endangered Heritage Sites in Europe


Join us for the Live Announcement of the 2022 List of 7 Most Endangered Heritage Sites in Europe on 29 March 2022 (10:00-11:30 CET).

We are delighted and honoured to count on the presence and contribution of Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, for this online event where the much-awaited List of 7 Most Endangered sites 2022 will be unveiled.

The online event will be hosted by Hermann Parzinger, Executive President of Europa Nostra, together with Henry von Blumenthal, acting Dean of the European Investment Bank Institute, and moderated by Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović, Secretary General of Europa Nostra.

Representatives from the organisations that nominated the 7 selected sites will contribute to the online event.

Launched in 2013 by Europa Nostra in partnership with the European Investment Bank Institute and with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, the 7 Most Endangered programme mobilises public and private partners on a local, national and European level to find a viable future for endangered monuments and sites in Europe.

Join us on 29 March to find out which sites have been selected by the Europa Nostra Board for the 2022 List of 7 Most Endangered Heritage Sites in Europe! We count on you to support us in our mission to raise awareness and save these sites!

IMPORTANT: This online event is free of charge but registration is compulsory.

Register now


The European Voice of Civil Society committed to Cultural Heritage


Lange Voorhout 35, 2514 EC The Hague, The Netherlands | +31 (0)70 302 40 50 |

Brussels Office

Rue de l’Industrie/Nijverheidstraat 10, 1000 Brussels, Belgium | T +32 2 894 74 99 |

Image credits: Europa Nostra