Europa Nostra Council statements on Ukraine

Europa Nostra Council adopts statements on the alarming situation in Ukraine and on the outcomes

of the Conference on the Future of Europe

On 9 and 10 May 2022, the Europa Nostra Council met in Kraków, Poland, for its first physical meeting ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting took place at a most symbolic time and place with fruitful discussions on various aspects of Europa Nostra’s work, ranging from European policy advocacy to saving endangered heritage and the European Year of Youth.

As concrete outcomes of the two-day discussions, the Europa Nostra Council issued two important and timely statements: one condemning the ongoing deliberate destruction of cultural heritage in Ukraine and another one reacting on the proposals formulated by the Conference on the Future of Europe. We encourage you to read these statements and disseminate them through your networks and communication channels.

Europa Nostra strongly condemns ongoing deliberate destruction of cultural heritage in Ukraine

After a thorough discussion with the participation of our Ukrainian member, Natalia Moussienko, the Europa Nostra Council adopted a statement reiterating its full support and solidarity towards Ukrainian people who are facing immense suffering and hardship as the Russian invasion of their country continues. The Council deplores and condemns the ongoing deliberate destruction of cultural property of national, European and universal significance in Ukraine, and recalls that, according to international law, these acts constitute a war crime.


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