Conservation Shipments to Ukraine

Blue Shield International: Contribute Information about Conservation Shipments to Ukraine

Dear Members of Europa Nostra,

Many of your organisations may already be involved in sending materials to help heritage professionals working in museums, heritage sites and other cultural institutions in Ukraine.  

Many of our Ukrainian colleagues have expressed that they are finding it difficult to keep track of shipments and that some items are duplicated, whilst other requests are not being answered. We also know that when people want to send shipments, it is extremely difficult to know who is working on sending what and that coordinating these activities is a challenge.

Blue Shield International has launched a simple spreadsheet to track shipments via a form you complete. It takes approximately 10 minutes and you can add as much or as little information as you want. If you prefer, you can also send the information to Blue Shield via email.

The data is intended to

1) Get an overview of which requests have been/are being answered and by who

2) What conservation materials are being sent

3) Where they are going

4) By which routes (to provide assistance to those intending to send materials)

You can access the form here:

You can use this form to register:

  • What you are intending to ship or what you are arranging shipping for
  • What you are shipping
  • What you have already shipped
  • You can also use it to update information on your shipments as they progress. You give each shipment a number and whenever you enter an update, you can just enter the number.

(If you have already sent shipments, please do consider completing it retrospectively).

A team of amazing volunteers will keep the data up to date for you.

If you can record which request for assistance you are completing, they will also let you know if someone else is working on it, and ask for permission to put you in touch.

If you want to know whether a request is being answered, then you can contact the team at

Once the system is working effectively, Blue Shield will also make the information available to our colleagues in Ukraine and Poland.

Please feel free to share this information with any cultural actors who are shipping materials to Ukraine.

Best regards,

Audrey Hogan

Programme Officer

EUROPA NOSTRA | +31 (0) 70 302 40 52 | | |

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