Le Dimore del Quartetto

The European Historic Houses Association has a great opportunity for your members! We have concluded a partnership with the Italian association Le Dimore del Quartetto and we are looking for private owners of historic houses willing to engage with the initiative.

Le Dimore del Quartetto supports excellent young string quartets and promotes living cultural heritage in historic houses, thus relaunching their role as patrons of the arts.

Concretely, private owners willing to join the network host musicians for 7 days for free in exchange for concerts (that can be either private or open to the public), by providing accommodation for 4 people, a rehearsal room and a venue for concerts.

In exchange, the Quartets perform concerts in the house, which creates value for the house, fosters gatherings and enables private owners to showcase to an interested audience the other activities which are carried out in the house (guided tours, exhibitions….). It is also a great opportunity to unite again historic houses and the living arts.

Set up in partnership with the ADSI (our Italian Association), the project currently gathers 79 houses and organized 80 concerts and residencies in 2017; and is gaining momentum in Italy with increased press coverage.

We are looking to expand this initiative to other European countries, and we are thus calling on you to circulate the information to your members.

Interested private owners should express their interest by December 8 by sending an email or calling the Secretariat of the Association.

Email: d.dupeux@europeanhistorichouses.eu

Phone: +32 (0) 2 400 77 00

You will also find below to this email the brochure of Le Dimore del Quartetto with further information on the initiative.

Best regards,

Rodolphe de Looz-Corswarem

Executive President