ILUCIDARE Special Prizes 2021

Europa Nostra Brussels, 10 June 2021

The ILUCIDARE Consortium including Europa Nostra and the European Commission are delighted to present the shortlisted projects for the 2021 edition of the ILUCIDARE Special Prizes, awarded within the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards. These projects are compelling demonstrations of heritage-led innovation and international relations.

The 9 shortlisted projects were undertaken by heritage practitioners from eight countries in Europe and beyond. Although the areas and range of their activities are diverse, they all show how heritage has the potential to create meaningful links across countries and communities and to develop exciting new solutions and spur social change.

The 9 shortlisted projects for the ILUCIDARE Special Prizes 2021 are:

Heritage-led innovation
3D Reconstruction of Maison du Peuple – Horta Museum, Brussels, BELGIUM
This partial 3D reconstruction of the Art Nouveau building makes the building once again accessible and understandable to all.

Basilica of Santa Croce, Lecce, ITALY
An innovative process of restoration treatments and techniques allowed for a minimal intervention on the beautiful carved façade of the basilica.

HAP4MARBLE – Marble Conservation by Hydroxyapatite, ITALY
The HAP4MARBLE project has developed a new treatment for the conservation of marble artworks through hydroxyapatite (HAP), the same mineral which constitutes human teeth and bones.

AP Valletta, MALTA
This research-based architectural and design firm has provided creative solutions for the problems at hand in the historic city of Valletta with an eye for the valorisation of heritage, wellbeing and cultural life.

Heritage-led international relations
Northern Lebanon Project, ITALY/LEBANON
A joint Italian – Lebanese multidisciplinary team has rediscovered and shared 100 archaeological sites in Lebanon.

Friends of Bryggen and the Bryggen Foundation, Bergen, NORWAY
The Friends of Bryggen and the Bryggen Foundation have contributed to reviving Hanseatic inter-European ties and intercultural relations.

Preservation of the Wine Cellars of Negotinska Krajina, SERBIA
This long-term conservation project of vernacular wine cellars is possible thanks to a partnership of organisations in Serbia, Albania and Sweden.

Leather Painting Restoration in the Hall of the Kings of the Alhambra, SPAIN
This unique collection of paintings has been carefully restored thanks to the collaboration of different partners from Spain, France, Italy and Belgium.

EU-LAC Museums – Museums, Community & Sustainability in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, UNITED KINGDOM
This international team of museum professionals, researchers and policy-makers have set up exchanges and improved relations between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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