Heritage Houses for Europe. Exchange & Innovate’

Die European Historic Houses Association hat ihr von der Europäischen Kommission gefördertes Projekt  erfolgreich gestartet.

 The European Historic Houses Association has successfully started its project funded by the European Commission ‘Heritage Houses for Europe. Exchange & Innovate’.

 Our aims are to:

  •  Measure the positive downfalls of family-owned heritage houses in Europe
  • Analyse innovative replicable business models
  • Create tools supporting managers for the sustainable preservation of family-owned heritage houses
  • Raise-awareness on the sector of family-owned heritage houses
  • Issue recommendations towards the EU institutions unleashing the sectors’ potential

 It will build the legacy of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage for owners of heritage houses!

 This Study is made for you and with you! Wish to get involved? Write to us: l.maret@europeanhistorichouses.eu.