Webinar: Historic houses in the green transition

European Historic Houses

Our webinar on historic houses in the green transition was a real success! We would like to thank our President Alfonso Pallavicini, MEP Pernille Weiss, Architect Anders Brüel, Vice-Minister of Culture Vlastislav Ouroda, President Franziska Haas, Policy Officer Pau Garcia Audí and all the other experts that participated in the conversation. But most importantly, thanks to all the 200 participants and all the great questions that they asked! The European Green transition with the #GreenDeal #FitFor55 #EUClimateAction is a step towards preserving the environment but a threat to the millions of unlisted historic houses across Europe, which are worthy of protection. The proposed obligations pose a threat to the European historic patrimony, its cultural, aesthetic and historic legacy, by pushing a layer of our common European built heritage to silent destruction. Let us support the #GreenDeal while preserving and not threatening our built cultural heritage.